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in the global economy despite some of the revenue company is headed into 2013. >> there is good news for renters, bay area rents are flattening out. according to a new survey of apartment complexes by " real sex ", written in the east bay, peninsula and san francisco were almost unchanged in the fourth quarter of 2012 and declined slightly in the south bay. experts say that red flag could be caused by some renters decided to buy homes since interest rates are so low. >> fremont wholefoods groundbreaking is scheduled for friday. the 39,000 square foot building is located at the corner of casio padre parkway and more right ave. another 13,000 square feet is being set aside for a another retailer. the fremont store will be the sixth store in the east bay. a date has not been released on when the store will be opened. >> the united nations say that more than 197 million people worldwide are without a job, and that another 39 million have given up looking for work. an annual report from the international labor ass organization says the unemployment will rise by 5.1 million this year. the u.s. and wor
their education is a reflection of the struggling economy and greater competition for new jobs. >> the job right for male students was about 3.8%, four females that was lower than that just under 3%. >> but drop out rate was higher among teen boys in every state. >> apartment in new york city are about to get a lot smaller. >> expectations that population and rents will keep climbing are challenging architects to design boeing is no larger than a one car crotch. >> the city plans to construct an apartment building a so-called micro unit in manhattan next year. >> they're expected to average about 325 square feet. >> if successful, it could possibly overturn a requirement that new apartment be a least 400 square feet feet. >> today marks the 40th anniversary of the landmark supreme court ruling of a rolwe vs. wade. >> the ruling legalized in the u.s.. >> in 1973, the highest lawmaking body in the country voted that woman has the right to abort her pregnancy. it prompted a nationwide debate about a mother's rights, which continues today. >> that is the spirit! san francisco and elsewhere around th
, from the perspective, let 3-point out to that we are bringing home less as an economy but it will not hurt our economy that much. we could spend more. and really, however if makes people that are making under $100,000. it is a punitive tax. it impacts people on a lower tax bracket. >> waiting apple for their corporate earnings and the iphone 5? >> justin 24 of course we are going to talk about the iphone 5. verizon already letting some informations out of the back pocket tim clarcould-tam timothy cook... also, could under promise and over delivered but would it be enough to save him? >> existing home sales. >> the month of december was a loser. the average home was of 6.2%. from 2012. the housing is rain back. it is a typical number for the month of december because many people are not putting their houses of for sale, yet. so far, but pretty good number with everything considered. >> these are some questions. should i consider purchasing amazon? >> it is difficult to save the stock has been paramount. it is near the 52 week high. and perhaps purchase a little bit of
of freshmen said that the current u.s. economy significantly affected were that went to college. >> an estimated 20.6 million people tune began to watch president obama is a second inauguration on tv. that is according to nielsen. that is down sharply from his first inauguration in 2009 which had an audience of 37.8 million people. neilson said a totaled 18 networks a year some part of this year's inaugural ceremony on monday. >> still ahead on kron 4 morning news at 7. we will have an update on efforts to keep san francisco city college open. plus, plans already under way for a parade if the san francisco forty-niners win the big game. and coming up in at gary's world at 7:45 a.m.. kaepernick looks to cash end, a 40 niner fashion fine. the warriors are red hot, more on these stories we talk to gary radnich. get beautyrest, posturepedic, even tempur-pedic mattress sets at low clearance prices. save even more on floor samples, demonstrators, and closeout inventory. the year end clearance sale ends sunday at sleep train. ♪ your ticket to a better night's sleep ♪ so i used my c
the expectations is a pause the sign that the economy is better than we thought. 2013 is looking better than 2012 as far as economic growth goes. >> it seems to be nothing but positive right now. caterpillar came out this morning saying they had pretty decent numbers for the fourth quarter. we were talking just before we came back here and what does that tell you when caterpillar is doing well? >> caterpillar is a big international company and pushes dirt around. they make buildings and economic expansion you put people to build a building and put people at. we were expecting not much better than meh. caterpillar knows on what durable-goods, it will be a good year. the dow and s&p 500 are within striking distance. >> talking about building a rebuilding yahoo earnings report will be out later on this afternoon. will this be the verdict on whether or not their new ceo is doing what she is brought on to do? >> this will be the first questireport card. and she bought mobile phones for her employees instead work on this, don't worry about the best shot. everyone gushes over her. she is pretty, and sma
is going to crack down on irresponsible behavior that is threatening the u.s. economy. >> an egyptian judge sentenced 21 people to death today for their role in a riot at a soccer game. 74 people died in a riot last february, and more than 1000 were wounded. it was unclear whether sports rivalry score political strife cost of the deadly clash now known as the " massacre of port saa- eed. " delivery of the verdict this morning led to another by a protest. 22 people were killed, including two egyptian security force members. if and another 50 people were hurt outside port saa-eed prison. egyptian security officials say that family members of those who were sentenced to death opened fire on security forces. >> we want to take you live to that gun-control rally underway in washington d.c.. it is a big march in support of president obama is planned for preventing gun violence and his call on congress and state lawmakers to support his initiatives. >> president obama says that his picks for two top post will crack down on those who is irresponsible behavior threatens the u.s. economy. in his week
of the struggling economy that's created greater competition for new jobs. darya. >> thank you a lot more. in national moods, supporters of longtime pen state football coach joe paterno are marking the one-year anniversary of his death with a candlelight vigil. the hall of fame coach died of lung cancer last year at 85. his supporters will hold a vigil at the mural in state college that includes a depiction of paternal. the paternal family is expected to attend. >> organizers say they will like 409 candles, one of each of paternal victories before many were stripped as part of the n.c.a.a. sanctions in response to the jerry sandusky sex abuse scandal. >> today marks the fourth anniversary best-40 th anniversary of the roe vs. wade supreme court decision. and a new poll finds the majority of americans who for the first time believe should be legal in all or most cases. >> 7 in 10 people are against roe vs. wade being overturned, which is the highest percentage since 1989. according to the poll, 54 percent of adults said should be legal either always or most of the time. meanwhile 44 percen
is saying let's all get our fair share and stimulate the economy and a woman that is there a u.s. where $1.2 million earings and ripping out hurt your peeher your peacee end of the day, and be ever gone to a jenifer jackson concert? if you show years ago, 80 percent of it when she is dancing all over the place is lit st. >> my point is this is not merely vanilli. they were faking it she is not. she is a singer >> and kelly clarkson can do it, she should too. police sickies sang live alicia keys the red >> i fake everything does that make it so bad? >> no, you are amazing. >> i will call you because you have all the answers. >> sounds good you have all the answers. >> sounds good antheython'tone e bennernnfor give ave couploubegibeerserd theythl gol o who e the can cl thsavisas,s, anthe thpplipp the tneedne to to to bea bifuliflyon d mo sav sg.g. moremooingoi th's t's pow p of o thhop ght ghw thw sha sr var typ tycabicatt is a s acialciuy auyjustjue ne hured,reinetinnineniollaol.. call (llar sarr)thr)to stop nop u-verse high speed internet. you know
few months, not due to the bad economy, but the lack of inventory. dan kerman kron 4 news. >> pam: city college on the brink of closure.after an accrediting commision found numerous violations within city college's structure and finances. the school, serving about 85-thousand students. has until march to turn itself around. the commission gave city college recommendations and deadlines it must avoid being shut down. tonight -- city college students, employees and community groups are discussing efforts to join together and try and save the institution. kron4's terisa estacio is live out in san francisco where she attended the meeting.that is still going on. terisa? >> reporter: it is, pam. at city college has been in institution since 1935. people want it to remain in tact and what the future holds. behind those doors are the student union. there are people that have gathered of waste to speak about what is going on. i spoke with students on their concerns and hopes for the college. >> reporter: are you concerned about your studies? >> i am very concerned. and i consider m
in the near look for home sales to drop over the next few months not due to the that the economy but the lack of inventory. >> an kerman kron 4 news. >>--dan kerman kron 4 news. >> the new span of the bay bridge will be monitored with a $26 million stake of the guard cameron network, despite earlier concerns about the plan's bid price tag. the metropolitan transportation commission approved the new system which was recommended by the chp after it conducted a security analysis of the new $6.3 million span. >> on to national news. a confirmation hearing today for a democratic senator, john kerry, who expected to get overwhelming support as the new u.s. secretary of state. >> the five term massachusetts senator will testify before the senate foreign relations committee. >> he said to be introduced by outgoing secretary hillary clinton, massachusetts senator elisabeth warren and senator john mccain. mccain and kerry have worked closely on national-security issues. kerrey has also served on the foreign relations committee for 28 years and led it for the past four years. >> lawmakers in rhode islan
to move forward together. together we determine that a modern economy requires rail roads and highways. schools and colleges to train our workers. together we discovered that a free market only thrives when they ensure competition and fair play. together, we resolved that a great nation must care for the vulnerable and protect it's people from life's worst hazards and miss for tune. through it all, we have never relingished our skept simz of sent rum authority nor have we succumbed to the can be secured through the government alone. our celebration of a nation, enterprise, our insist yans on hard work and personal responsibility, these are con stants in our character. but we have always understood when times change, so must we. but if i dealt to our founding -- fidelity requires new challenges. preserving our individual freedoms ultimately requires collective action. for the american people can no more meet the demands of today's word by acting alone than american soldiers could have met the forces of communisms with plussics. most people can train our sign and math teaches to e equip
Search Results 0 to 10 of about 11